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01 September, 2015 // 8:00Am

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Jason Behrmann, PhD

will be discussing the emergence of international startups using e-commerce platforms that provide assisted reproduction services--essentially baby farms.

Note: We moved Rami Sayar, Technical Evangalist at Micrososft & Chapter Director at Montreal Startup Grind to 06 Oct,  when he'll be sharing his insights on how to pitch to developers for your startup.

What people are saying...

"No matter how good you are at pitching, its always important to continue practicing and testing different approaches and angles. Startup Breakfast is a great way to network with the startup community."

- Julie Hubert

"Thank you very much for the Startup session of Septembre 9th.
At 1st, I was afraid to ever come to your events and pitch in front of everyone.
But I tried it last day and I think it was fun.
I think I will come back to StartupBreakfast."

- Yrina

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