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In July, Juniper said that more than half (57%) of the world’s large corporations are considering the deployment of their own blockchain solutions.

IBM far outranks Microsoft as blockchain industry leader, report says | CNBC
Ryan Browne, September 18, 2017
Overall, the survey finds, 33% of executives are already "actively engaged" or are "considering" using blockchain. A handful, 8%, are among those already working with the technology approach. Among members of the 33% using or considering blockchain, 100% expect it to support their enterprise strategy in some way. The vast majority, 78%, are investing in blockchain in hopes of responding to disruptions in their markets -- financial shifts or developing new business model. Close to two-thirds see it as a way to increase the transparency of their transactions.
Enterprises Have Extremely High Hopes For Blockchain Technology | Forbes
Joe McKendrick, May 22, 2017

“There’s a massive opportunity in Fortune 500 companies,” Bailey said. “They don’t know which companies to work with.”

Almost six in 10 large corporations are considering using blockchain, according to Juniper Research’s survey of 400 executives, managers and tech staff. The technology is being tested or implemented by companies ranging from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to Visa Inc. to streamline supply chains, speed up payments and keep records.

IBM, Comcast Ventures Back Fund for Blockchain Business Startups | Bloomberg
Olga Kharif, January 05, 2018
Remote Presentation, Q&A

Mark Parzygnat

Program Director, Blockchain at IBM

Responsibilities include products, marketing, demos and strategies to drive adoption for blockchain technologies for IBM and Hyperledger across the globe and industries. I work directly with the Linux Foundation and the community of 150+ institutions developing blockchain for business platforms and tools. I am responsible for bringing the code base into IBM and defining offerings. I work across IBM developing new innovative solutions based on the IBM Blockchain platform. I am an evangelist for blockchain for business technologies and have presented at many conferences, meet ups, academic environments, customers, created publications, and much more. I help to define roadmaps and drive product deliveries for both the open source community and within IBM on time and with quality.


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Special Blockchain Enterprise Edition

We'll provide a brief description of public, permissionless Blockchain, or, Distributed Ledger Technologies and how they compare to private, permissioned technologies like IBM's Blockchain and the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project. We'll then present the real opportunities that exist right now for startups and enterprises in this new space.

Who Should Attend?

Presentation followed by Questions & Answers

  • Anyone who wants to learn about the new Blockchain era and what changes it can bring about
  • Startups considering developing enterprise Blockchain solutions
  • Enterprises with questions about pragmatic Blockchain use cases and the value proposition the technology offers

What's on the Agenda

  • 08:15 am: Check-in: Settle in with some coffee & something to eat
  • 08:30 am: Introduce yourself, pitch your business & your interests
  • 09:00 am: Remote Blockchain Presentation, Q&A
  • 10:00 am: Networking: Analog socializing as in human-to-human interaction
  • 10:30 am: Hard-stop

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Co-founder, Blocksense.io

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Co-founder, Blocksense.io

Fred Dionne

Founder and CEO, IVEP

Laurent Féral-Pierssens

Executive Director, Emerging Tech at KPMG Canada

Yannick Folla

Co-Founder – ICON Partners,  Managing Partner at Residence Ventures

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