2015-09-01 Montreal Startup Breakfast Club with Jason Behrmann, PhD

Get out of the building, practice your Pitch & get immediate, constructive feedback from like-minded Startup Community members.


  1. Welcome: Settle in with some coffee & something to eat (15 minutes)
  2. Pitch Feedback Loop: We go around the room & everyone has 60 seconds to pitch what they’re working on, interested in learning more about, or, who they’d like to connect with. We follow each Pitch with some crowdsourced feedback (45 minutes)
  3. Presentation:  Jason Behrmann, PhD, founder of  Gourmet Chez Toi, will be discussing the emergence of international startups using e-commerce platforms that provide assisted reproduction services–essentially baby farms.(30 minutes)
  4. Announcements & Networking: Analog socializing as in human-to-human interaction. (30 minutes)


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Helping Us Make It Happen




Volunteer: Sébastien Blais-Fernandez, Guide entrepreneur
Organizer & Chair: Steven Milstein, Collab.Ventures


(random order)

We’re Investing in Really Early Stage Startups!

Breakfast Club Of Canada | Club des petits déjeuners

Thanks to the Breakfast Club of Canada, close to 130,000 students have access to a nutritious breakfast each morning in 1,266 schools across Canada.

StartupBreakfastClub.com is proud to donate a portion of its proceeds to the Breakfast Club of Canada. Upon registration, attendees will have the opportunity to add to our support for these really early stage startups! :-)

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