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2016-02-02 Montreal Startup Breakfast Club

Get out of the building, practice your Pitch & get immediate, constructive feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs.

Get out of the building, practice your Pitch & get immediate, constructive feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs.


  • 08:30 am: Check-in: Settle in with some coffee & something to eat
  • 08:45 am: The Pitching Feedback Loop: The first 15 registered attendees to check-in will Pitch what they’re working on, followed by some crowdsourced feedback.
  • 10:00 am: Networking: Analog socializing as in human-to-human interaction
  • 10:30 am: Soft-stop

Helping Us Make It Happen




Organizer & Chair: Steven Milstein, Collab.Ventures

Hiring a Milkshake

Clayton Christensen: Milkshakes – Understanding the Job

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Community Announcement

Starting Point Student Entrepreneurship Conference
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Contact Kaitlyn Touesnard, Organizer.

This past February, 130 students from all over Canada (as far as Alberta), gathered in Halifax to hear from amazing speakers, learn from experts, and win money for their businesses. In total, students walked away with over $9,000 in funding and prizes. Over the course of three days, students participated in events geared toward giving them the tools to succeed in their ventures. Some of these activities included Master Classes, an Ideation Tournament and Funder Speed Dating.

With the success of the 2015 conference we have decided to run Starting Point again in 2016. The conference will take place February 17th – 19th, 2016 at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Activities of the conference will explore this year’s theme, “Change the World Through Entrepreneurship” by encouraging students to ‘think big’ and consider the economic, social and environmental implications of entrepreneurship. Students will share best practices, hear from amazing speakers and learn from experts in their field. The conference objectives are as follows:

  1. Connect post-secondary student entrepreneurs from across Canada to share ideas and best practices for running a business while still in school
  2. Engage ambitious high school students who have demonstrated entrepreneurial initiative
  3. Celebrate student business owners
  4. Deliver workshops on essential business skills
  5. Inspire youth with influential entrepreneurial speakers
  6. Support student entrepreneurs and develop strong leaders

We’re Investing in Really Early Stage Startups!

Breakfast Club Of Canada | Club des petits déjeuners

Thanks to the Breakfast Club of Canada, close to 130,000 students have access to a nutritious breakfast each morning in 1,266 schools across Canada. is proud to donate a portion of its proceeds to the Breakfast Club of Canada. Upon registration, attendees will have the opportunity to add to our support for these really early stage startups! :-)

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