Get out of the building, practice your Pitch & get immediate, constructive feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs.


  • 08:15 am: Check-in: Settle in with some coffee & something to eat
  • 08:30 am Prompt: The Pitching Feedback Loop: The first 15 registered attendees to check-in will Pitch what they’re working on, followed by some crowdsourced feedback. (Total 4 minutes each)
  • 09:30 am: Featured Presentation: Davender Gupta will be talking about the transition from startup to scaleup and what it means (and what it doesn’t mean).
  • 10:00 am: Networking: Analog socializing as in human-to-human interaction
  • 10:30 am: Done

Helping Us Make It Happen




Volunteer: Efrain Algasi
Organizer & Chair: Steven Milstein, Collab.Ventures

Hiring a Milkshake

Clayton Christensen: Milkshakes – Understanding the Job

Davender’s Slides


(random order)

We’re Investing in Really Early Stage Startups!

Breakfast Club Of Canada | Club des petits déjeuners

Thanks to the Breakfast Club of Canada, close to 130,000 students have access to a nutritious breakfast each morning in 1,266 schools across Canada. is proud to donate a portion of its proceeds to the Breakfast Club of Canada. Upon registration, attendees will have the opportunity to add to our support for these really early stage startups! :-)

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